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After much discussion, consideration, and prayer, The JUL-TV Network in association with The Homeschooling Network is bringing to our viewers of the Christian faith an academy that mirrors the teaching/education of a Christian private school.


“An educational experience with a focus on Christian teaching and values while incorporating into the curriculum, moral development and academics”


While we are in development, we do not expect to offer courses till early 2024.


Welcome to JUL-TV’s…

The Christian Academy

Grades: K-6


The Homeschooling Network

JUL-TV is bringing “The Homeschooling Network” to America and the world because we desire to go back to the roots of education… where it is about learning…yes…learning, with structured curriculums and textbooks; there’s lectures, memorization, student evaluations, homework, having fun with technology, etc all by creating a classroom environment for the future generations to engage.


It isn't about political or social agendas.


Get ready for a revolution in education…


Welcome to The Homeschooling Network, 

The JUL-TV Network




Tom Julian


The JUL-TV Network

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