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The Real Side

Ever wondered how "the other side” thinks and how they arrived at their view? Ever wondered how someone, saw the same thing you did, yet they walked away with a vastly different view? Which version is correct? Which one is REAL? 

At The Real Side, we know there's more than one side to every story. It’s simply a matter of perspective, which is why every show, host Joe Messina, brings in knowledgeable guests to share their view on today's hot-button issues--in politics, religion, and society. 
On The Real Side there is no right and no wrong--just REAL. No guest is attacked for his/her views, the questions are hard-hitting. the conversation is respectful, and listeners are sure to learn something new--even if they don’t agree!

Remember, here It’s not 'right' or 'wrong'--It's THE REAL SIDE!

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