How to Watch

Select your app to watch your favourite shows!

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On both iOS and Android devices, enter your app store and search "The JUL TV Network", download our free app to get access to all of our shows and watch them at your convenience. 

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Go to


Simply search for the title of the program you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page.  

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Follow our Facebook page HERE to watch shows as they are aired!

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Click HERE and subscribe to our YouTube channel using the red subscribe button on the right. Once you are subscribed all JUL-TV programming will appear in your subscription feed as it is uploaded.

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Download the JUL-TV channel from the app store. Once you have the channel downloaded you can watch all of the JUL-TV programming.

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Under streaming channels type in “JUL-TV” when the JUL-TV logo appears, off to the right will be another set of options, click on “Get channel”.