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Share Your Business Through Advertising or Sponsoring

A Unique

More people are tuning into programs for the family, whether it be on their television sets, streaming on the internet or on their mobile apps. JUL-TV and their myriad of programming from talk, comedy, real estate, lifestyles, cooking, food and wine, the trades, travel, etc. is everywhere for everyone to tune in, stay informed and be entertained.


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High Quality Presentation

Professionally produced videos will best show your business on multiple online and tv channels.



Share your vision and passions with our viewers through our many opportunities!

Professional Branding

Engage our viewers with your BRAND and your desire to inspire, encourage, and activate their lives.

JUL-TV is taking it's programming and syndicating throughout America reaching over 50,000,000 households while maintaining its focus for television as well in social media and streaming. You can count on us to bring to America and globally, your products and services to new consumers.

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